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Beads to buy online at Bijoux Beads

Beads are a jewellery maker’s best friend they can often be used over and over again,and with Bijoux Beads it’s now a whole lot simpler to find the beads you are looking for.. We stock over 1000 varieties of beads and jewellery making findings and components so that you can find the essentials you require to create beautiful pieces of Jewellery. Our variety of beads range from Czech Glass Beads, pearl beads, to wooden beads and of course a range of metal finding and components. Also we stock, the well-known seed, ceramic and crystal beads. Beads come in all different shapes, colours and sizes and we can supply the best quality beads avaialble from reputable suppliers. We aslo sell some unique Home-Maker items and creative pieces for a creative home. We run our mail order department from our premises in Shaftesbury where we will be happy to assist you with your bead purchases

Bead supplies available online

Beads are  essential for making costume jewellery and have been around for centuries, and now there is a great range of beads and components for every inspiring jewellery maker. Our new website shows clearly the different types of beads that we sell at Bijoux Beads both in our Shaftesbury shpwrrom and online. If you are looking for a specific type of bead that could make your jewellery stand out from the crowd we hope you will find a great selelction here. We are always on the lookout for new beads and components and follow the trends set by fashion houses in around the world.  We stock both traditional and contemporary beads to  allow our jewellery makers to have the best choice of beads available. We hope you visit our website again and again and check for latest beading additions in our new arrivals section., You can also visit our beadshop in Bath where we can see our vast range of beads and components. Spend some time with us and get some inspiration of the jewellery the team have created.